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Illy Coffee
The Easter Collection

Here at HLC, we are huge fans of this time of year, spring has almost sprung as we leave the colder months behind us, the world begins to look more colourful and no matter where you are, you’re guaranteed to be within reaching distance of a chocolate egg!

And so with chocolate on our minds (and probably smeared across our aprons too!), our much anticipated Easter Collection will be hopping into the bakery from 12th March!

Let’s take a look at what will be springing out of our kitchen in the upcoming week:

- £3

Vanilla sponge, vanilla buttercream with sugar pearls and sugarpaste decora

Creme Egg
- £2.85

A firm Easter favourite; the chocolate sponge and vanilla buttercream is filled with fondant and topped with a Mini Creme Egg.

Mini Eggs
- £2.85

This chocolate cupcake is cleverly rolled in chocolate Flake sprinkles to look like a birds nest; and it wouldn't be complete without a cute little clutch of Mini Eggs!

Egg Hunt
- £2.85

You’ll find a white chocolate egg hidden in this vanilla cupcake, as well as a yummy collection of Smartie eggs and a bunny.

Carrot Cake
- £2.85

Jammy D
Carrot cake and Easter go hand in hand! The cream cheese buttercream is elegantly decorated with a sugar carrot.

Happy Easter
- £3

Red Rose
Say it with cake; this vanilla cupcake is topped with an edible tag so you can wish your favourite person a Happy Easter!

Gourmet Easter
- £3.50

This decadent chocolate cupcake is dipped in melted chocolate, filled with an Easter surprise and topped with all your favourite luxury Easter goodies!

Easter Treat Layer Cake
from £45 in 6" | £60 in 8"

Hidden Heart

Rabbit Giant
from £60

Hidden Heart